Nouns (8)

transplanting, transplantation, transplant
n. the act of removing something from one location and introducing it in another location; "the transplant did not flower until the second year"; "too frequent transplanting is not good for families"; "she returned to Alabama because she could not bear transplantation"
organ transplant, transplantation, transplant
n. an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient); "he had a kidney transplant"; "the long-term results of cardiac transplantation are now excellent"; "a child had a multiple organ transplant two months ago"
transplant, graft
n. (surgery) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient; in some cases the patient can be both donor and recipient

Verbs (6)

transplant, transpose, transfer
v. transfer from one place or period to another; "The ancient Greek story was transplanted into Modern America"
v. be transplantable; "These delicate plants do not transplant easily"
transfer, transplant
v. lift and reset in another soil or situation; "Transplant the young rice plants"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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