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Adverbs (16)

backward, back
adv. in or to or toward a past time; "set the clocks back an hour"; "never look back"; "lovers of the past looking fondly backward"
near the rear, at the rear, toward the rear, rearwardly, rearwards, backward, rearward
adv. "She looked rearward out the window of the car"
backwards, backward
adv. in a manner or order or direction the reverse of normal; "it's easy to get the `i' and the `e' backward in words like `seize' and `siege'"; "the child put her jersey on backward"

Adjectives (6)

adj. having made less than normal progress; "an economically backward country"
adj. (used of temperament or behavior) marked by a retiring nature; "a backward lover"
slow-witted, half-witted, feebleminded, backward
adj. retarded in intellectual development
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