Nouns (21)

terapia, terapéutica, tratamiento
n. (medicine) the act of caring for someone (as by medication or remedial training etc.); "the quarterback is undergoing treatment for a knee injury"; "he tried every treatment the doctors suggested"; "heat therapy gave the best relief"
trato, tratamiento
n. the management of someone or something; "the handling of prisoners"; "the treatment of water sewage"; "the right to equal treatment in the criminal justice system"
reconstituyente, remedio, tratamiento
n. a device for treating injury or disease
n. a manner of dealing with something artistically; "his treatment of space borrows from Italian architecture"
forma de tratamiento, tratamiento
n. the manner of speaking to another individual; "he failed in his manner of address to the captain"
desarrollo, procesamiento, tratamiento
n. preparing or putting through a prescribed procedure; "the processing of newly arrived immigrants"; "the processing of ore to obtain minerals"
n. [the behavior of dealing with people or things in a particular way]
procesamiento, proceso, tratamiento, ejecución
n. performing operations on (data) according to programmed instructions
proceso, tratamiento
n. the execution of useful operations on data

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Fuzzynyms (26)

acercamiento, aproximación
n. the act of drawing spatially closer to something; "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"
trámite, procedimiento
n. a mode of conducting legal and parliamentary proceedings
método, proceso, procedimiento
n. a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"
tratamiento curativo, cura, medicamento, fármaco, remedio
n. act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil
alexifármaco, antitóxico, antídoto, contraveneno
n. a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison
remedio de curandero, remedio universal, remedio curalotodo, elixir, curalotodo, sanalotodo, panacea
n. (Greek mythology) the goddess of healing; daughter of Aesculapius and sister of Hygeia
n. an innocuous or inert medication; given as a pacifier or to the control group in experiments on the efficacy of a drug
elixir, elíxir
n. a substance believed to cure all ills

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