Nouns (26)

aparecimiento, presencia, aparición
n. the act of appearing in public view; "the rookie made a brief appearance in the first period"; "it was Bernhardt's last appearance in America"
presencia, asistencia
n. the act of being present
actual, presencia, presente
n. the quality of being the present; "a study of the pastness of the present and...of the presentness of the past"- R.E.Spiller
n. the impression that something is present; "he felt the presence of an evil force"
adelante de, delante de, presencia
n. the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence"; "he sensed the presence of danger"; "he was well behaved in front of company"
presencia, espíritu
n. an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
n. the state of being present; current existence; "he tested for the presence of radon"
presencia, existencia
n. an instance of something occurring; "a disease of frequent occurrence"; "the occurrence (or presence) of life on other planets"
n. [the state of existing or being there]

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (82)

condición, estado
n. the way something is with respect to its main attributes; "the current state of knowledge"; "his state of health"; "in a weak financial state"
advenimiento, llegada
n. arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous); "the advent of the computer"
expedición, remesa, despacho, envío
n. the act of sending off something
performance, efectuación, realización, cumplimiento, ejecución
n. any recognized accomplishment; "they admired his performance under stress"; "when Roger Maris powered four home runs in one game his performance merits awe"
disparo, descarga, tiro
n. the act of discharging a gun
destitución, botar, dimisión, botada, despido, cese, despedida
n. the plundering of a place by an army or mob; usually involves destruction and slaughter; "the sack of Rome"
apertura, empiece, abertura, inicio, principio, comienzo, arranque
n. the act of starting something; "he was responsible for the beginning of negotiations"
acercamiento, aproximación
n. the act of drawing spatially closer to something; "the hunter's approach scattered the geese"
facha, traza, aspecto, apariencia
n. outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
semblante, cara, rostro, figura, aspecto
n. the appearance conveyed by a person's face; "a pleasant countenance"; "a stern visage"
semblante, cara, rostro, mirada, apariencia, aspecto, expresión
n. the feelings expressed on a person's face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face"
refinamiento, elegancia
n. a quality of neatness and ingenious simplicity in the solution of a problem (especially in science or mathematics); "the simplicity and elegance of his invention"
postura, proceder, comportamiento, conducta, porte
n. (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people
facha, postura, comporte, posición, actitud, porte
n. characteristic way of bearing one's body; "stood with good posture"
postura, ademán, pose, actitud
n. the arrangement of the body and its limbs; "he assumed an attitude of surrender"
n. a condition that accompanies or influences some event or activity
incidente, acontecimiento, suceso, hecho
n. a public disturbance; "the police investigated an incident at the bus station"
n. a state of equilibrium
equilibrio, balance
n. a state of being balanced in a stable equilibrium
estado de gracia, gracia
n. (Christian theology) a state of sanctification by God; the state of one who is under such divine influence; "the conception of grace developed alongside the conception of sin"; "it was debated whether saving grace could be obtained outside the membership of the church"; "the Virgin lived in a state of grace"
barniz de refinamiento, refinamiento, barniz
n. a highly developed state of perfection; having a flawless or impeccable quality; "they performed with great polish"; "I admired the exquisite refinement of his prose"; "almost an inspiration which gives to all work that finish which is almost art"--Joseph Conrad
comodidad, bienestar, desahogo, holgura
n. a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state; "a life of luxury and ease"; "he had all the material comforts of this world"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (7)

n. the act of leaving secretly or without explanation
n. failure to be present
antiguo, pasado
n. the quality of being past
carencia, falta
n. the time interval during which something or somebody is away; "he visited during my absence"
n. [the state of not existing or being away]


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