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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (6)

no viniendo a cuento, a destiempo, intempestivo, importuno, inoportuno, inconveniente
adj. badly timed; "an ill-timed intervention"; "you think my intrusion unseasonable"; "an untimely remark"; "it was the wrong moment for a joke"

Fuzzynyms (16)

poco propicio, aciago, desfavorable, funesto
adj. not auspicious; boding ill
poco conveniente, importuno, inoportuno, molesto, incómodo, inconveniente
adj. not conveniently timed; "an early departure is inconvenient for us"
adj. at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time; "early morning"; "an early warning"; "early diagnosis"; "an early death"; "took early retirement"; "an early spring"; "early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"
enojoso, desapacible, desagradable
adj. (of winds or weather) tending to hinder or oppose; "unfavorable winds"
inicial, primero
adj. occurring at the beginning; "took the initial step toward reconciliation"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (3)

oportuno, debido, conveniente
adj. suitable or at a time that is suitable or advantageous especially for a particular purpose; "an opportune place to make camp"; "an opportune arrival"


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