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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (8)

sin utilizar, sin usar, no usado, nuevo
adj. infrequently exposed to; "feet unused to shoes"
no gastado, sin estrenar, no usado, nuevo
adj. vs. worn, for example "uneroded"

Fuzzynyms (0)

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Synonyms (25)

reciente, nuevo
adj. unfamiliar; "new experiences"; "experiences new to him"; "errors of someone new to the job"
novísimo, completamente nuevo, flamante, nuevo
adj. conspicuously new; "shiny brand-new shoes"; "a spick-and-span novelty"
cambiado, variado, diferente, distinto
adj. distinct from the former or old: "a new model"; "new leaders"; "the New World"; "different leaders"
precoz, temprano, nuevo
adj. being in its early stage; "a young industry"; "the day is still young"
adj. (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again; "a fresh start"; "fresh ideas"
novel, refrescante, nuevo, original
adj. pleasantly new or different; "common sense of a most refreshing sort"
adj. new; "recent graduates"; "a recent addition to the house"; "recent buds on the apple trees"
revolucionario, radical
adj. markedly new or introducing radical change; "a revolutionary discovery"; "radical political views"
no ensayado, no probado
adj. not yet proved or subjected to testing; "an untested drug"; "untested theory"; "an untried procedure"
virgen, primo
adj. being used or worked for the first time; "virgin wool"

Antonyms (5)

deslucido, raído, gastado, usado, desgastado
adj. affected by wear; damaged by long use; "worn threads on the screw"; "a worn suit"; "the worn pockets on the jacket"


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