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Adjectives (6)

medicamentoso, sanativo, cicatrizante, medicinal, curativo, terapéutico
adj. tending to cure or restore to health; "curative powers of herbal remedies"; "her gentle healing hand"; "remedial surgery"; "a sanative environment of mountains and fresh air"; "a therapeutic agent"; "therapeutic diets"

Fuzzynyms (6)

salubre, sano, salutífero, saludable, benéfico, provechoso
adj. conducive to or characteristic of physical or moral well-being; "wholesome attitude"; "wholesome appearance"; "wholesome food"

Synonyms (15)

salutífero, saludable, eficaz, buen, benéfico, ventajoso, provechoso, beneficioso
adj. tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health; "beneficial effects of a balanced diet"; "a good night's sleep"; "the salutary influence of pure air"
salubre, sano, saludable, vigoroso
adj. financially secure and functioning well; "a healthy economy"
adj. having the properties of medicine; "medicative drugs"; "medicinal herbs"; "medicinal properties"
preventivo, profiláctico
adj. preventing or contributing to the prevention of disease; "preventive medicine"; "vaccines are prophylactic"; "a prophylactic drug"

Antonyms (6)

desventajoso, dañoso, pernicioso, perjudicial, dañino, nocivo
adj. injurious to physical or mental health; "noxious chemical wastes"; "noxious ideas"


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