Nouns (18)

camelador, lisonjeador, lisonjero, adulador, zalamero
n. a person who charms others (usually by personal attractiveness)

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (19)

con porvenir, lisonjero, prometiente, esperanzador, prometedor, de buen augurio, promisorio, halagüeño, risueño, afortunado, dichoso, optimista
adj. presaging good fortune; "she made a fortunate decision to go to medical school"; "rosy predictions"
favorecedor, halagador, lisonjero, halagüeño, suave, adulador, dulce
adj. showing or representing to advantage; "a flattering color"

Fuzzynyms (90)

reina, beldad, hermosura, belleza
n. a young woman who is the most charming and beautiful of several rivals; "she was the belle of the ball"
vampi, vampiresa, descarada, coqueta
n. a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men
n. a young woman making her debut into society
mujer hechicera, tentadora, mujer fatal, vampiresa
n. a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
individuo de conducta desviada, degenerado, pervertido, depravado, perdido
n. a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior
virote, playboy, hombre de mundo, sibarita, calavera
n. a man devoted to the pursuit of pleasure
bombón, guaperas, tío, beldad, guayabo, preciosidad, belleza
n. a person who smashes something
propicio, favorable, oportuno
adj. presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success; "propitious omens"; "propitious gales speeded us along"; "a propitious alignment of planets for space exploration"
prometedor, laborioso, industrioso, enérgico, trabajador, activo, dinámico
adj. working hard to promote an enterprise
adj. full of or giving praise; "a laudatory remark"
adj. encouraging or approving or pleasing; "a favorable reply"; "he received a favorable rating"; "listened with a favorable ear"; "made a favorable impression"
adj. involving advantage or good; "a plus (or positive) factor"
fácil, liso
adj. having only superficial plausibility; "glib promises"; "a slick commercial"
adj. greater than zero; "positive numbers"
poco sincero, mojigato, hipócrita
adj. lacking sincerity; "a charming but thoroughly insincere woman"; "their praise was extravagant and insincere"
adj. attempting to win favor by flattery
arrasado, sedoso, de seda, de satén, de raso, como de seda, satinado, reluciente, brillante, suave
adj. well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed; "sleek figures in expensive clothes"
loable, elogiable
adj. worthy of high praise; "applaudable efforts to save the environment"; "a commendable sense of purpose"; "laudable motives of improving housing conditions"; "a significant and praiseworthy increase in computer intelligence"

Synonyms (5)

de oro, favorable, oportuno, ventajoso, dorado
adj. favoring or bringing good luck; "a favorable time to ask for a raise"; "lucky stars"; "a prosperous moment to make a decision"

Antonyms (4)

poco propicio, aciago, desfavorable, funesto
adj. not auspicious; boding ill


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