Nouns (0)
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Verbs (9)
jibarizar, resumir, apocar, compendiar, abreviar, acortar, encoger, reducir, disminuir
v. shorten lines in a drawing so as to create an illusion of depth
Adverbs (0)
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Adjectives (0)
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Fuzzynyms (63)
sufrir merma, ir a menos, decrecer, empeque?ecer, remitir, ceder, menguar, disminuir, reducirse
v. decrease in size, extent, or range; "The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester"; "The cabin pressure fell dramatically"; "her weight fell to under a hundred pounds"; "his voice fell to a whisper"
expurgar, acortar, abreviar
v. make short or shorter; "shorten the skirt"; "shorten the rope by a few inches"
coartar, frenar, poner freno a, poner coto a, refrenar, restringir, limitar, dominar
v. place restrictions on; "curtail drinking in school"
diminuir, recortar
v. terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end or its full extent; "My speech was cut short"; "Personal freedom is curtailed in many countries"
desgastar, truncar
v. make shorter as if by cutting off; "truncate a word"; "Erosion has truncated the ridges of the mountains"
cercenar, mondar, escamondar, racionalizar, podar, recortar, reducir, limpiar, cortar
v. remove irrational quantities from; "This function can be rationalized"
extractar, hacer un resumen de, hacer un resumen, resumir, sintetizar, compendiar
v. give a summary (of); "he summed up his results"; "I will now summarize"
prensar, condensar, comprimir, apretar
v. make more compact by or as if by pressing; "compress the data"
Synonyms (0)
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Antonyms (9)
acrecentar, aumentar, incrementar
v. make bigger or more; "The boss finally increased her salary"; "The university increased the number of students it admitted"
extender, dilatar, amplificar, ampliar, aumentar, expandir
v. increase the amount or availability of, creating a rise in value; "inflate the currency"
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