Nouns (18)

irregularidad, anormalidad, desviación, anomalía
n. behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality
delito, irregularidad profesional, delito profesional, abuso de su cargo, proceder ilegal, irregularidad
n. a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do; improper professional conduct; "he charged them with electoral malpractices"
irregularidad, desigualdad
n. the quality of being diverse and interesting
n. not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
inestabilidad, irregularidad
n. the quality of being unsteady--varying and unpredictable
irregularidad geométrica, irregularidad
n. an irregular asymmetry in shape; an irregular spatial pattern
n. [the fact of occurring an irregular and indefinite number of times]

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (37)

perversión, corrupción, deformación
n. the action of perverting something (turning it to a wrong use); "it was a perversion of justice"
perversidad, perversión, maldad, inmoralidad, iniquidad, malicia
n. morally objectionable behavior
acto depravado, perversión, depravación, bajeza, vileza
n. a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice; "the various turpitudes of modern society"
criminalidad, delito, crimen
n. an evil act not necessarily punishable by law; "crimes of the heart"
denuesto, uso incorrecto, mala utilización, mal uso, abuso, desaprovechamiento
n. improper or excessive use; "alcohol abuse"; "the abuse of public funds"
n. the act of making some area of land or water more profitable or productive or useful; "the development of Alaskan resources"; "the exploitation of copper deposits"
escándalo público, ultraje, insulto, ofensa
n. the condition of being shocked (as by improper behavior)
negligencia intencionada, negligencia deliberada, negligencia culpable, negligencia, desamparo, falta
n. a tendency to be negligent and uncaring; "he inherited his delinquency from his father"; "his derelictions were not really intended as crimes"; "his adolescent protest consisted of willful neglect of all his responsibilities"
desfiguramiento, deformidad, desfiguración
n. an appearance that has been spoiled or is misshapen; "there were distinguishing disfigurements on the suspect's back"; "suffering from facial disfiguration"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (14)

n. the quality of lacking diversity or variation (even to the point of boredom)
regular, regularidad, periódico, orden
n. the quality of being characterized by a fixed principle or rate; "he was famous for the regularity of his habits"
estabilidad, regularidad, constancia
n. the quality of being steady--regular and unvarying
consistencia, cuerpo
n. (logic) an attribute of a logical system that is so constituted that none of the propositions deducible from the axioms contradict one another
equilibrio, simetría
n. (physics) the property of being isotropic; having the same value when measured in different directions
n. conformity with the norm
n. [the fact of occurring a regular and indefinite number of times]


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