Nouns (7)

docente, enseñante, instructor, preceptor, profesor, maestro, monitor
n. a person whose occupation is teaching

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (36)

asesor, consultor, consejero
n. an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
abogado defensor, abogado, defensor
n. a lawyer who pleads cases in court
cuidador, director técnico, manager, entrenador
n. (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
n. someone who gives advice about problems
n. someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp
director de colegio, rector, profesor, director
n. any person (or institution) who acts as an educator
mentor, asesor, guía
n. a wise and trusted guide and advisor
catedrático, profesor universitario, profesor
n. someone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university
n. a student who holds a scholarship
pionero, scout, campirano, descubridor, piloto, explorador, batidor, corredor
n. a Boy Scout or Girl Scout
míster, preparador, amaestrador, adiestrador, entrenador
n. one who trains other persons or animals

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (4)

pupilo, educando, estudiante, alumno
n. a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution


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