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Adjectives (15)
inactivo, est?tico, parado, inanimado, inm?vil, inmoble
adj. not in physical motion; "the inertia of an object at rest"
inmueble, inamovible, inm?vil, fijo, fijado, inmoble, inconmovible, estacionario, inmovible
adj. not able or intended to be moved; "the immovable hills"
Fuzzynyms (21)
quieto, tranquilo
adj. of the sun characterized by a low level of surface phenomena like sunspots e.g.
quieto, tranquilo, sereno, calmoso
adj. not agitated; without losing self-possession; "spoke in a calm voice"; "remained calm throughout the uproar"; "he remained serene in the midst of turbulence"; "a serene expression on her face"; "she became more tranquil"; "tranquil life in the country"
adj. (dormant)
firme, cruel, riguroso, severo, estricto, rencoroso, tenaz, despiadado, implacable, r?gido, inflexible, inexorable, desapiadado, rigoroso
adj. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty; "grim determination"; "grim necessity"; "Russia's final hour, it seemed, approached with inexorable certainty"; "relentless persecution"; "the stern demands of parenthood"
Synonyms (28)
quieto, inerte, sin corriente, inm?vil, estancado, estant?o
adj. not circulating or flowing; "dead air"; "dead water"; "stagnant water"
cuadrado, inm?vil, petrificado, plantado, completamente inm?vil, totalmente inm?vil, paralizado
adj. absolutely still; "frozen with horror"; "they stood rooted in astonishment"
f?cil, como una seda
adj. not moving and therefore easy to attack; "a sitting target"
adj. flowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide; "slack water"
parado, inm?vil
adj. not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"
inm?vil, fijo, r?gido, entumecido, envarado, tieso, yerto, inflexible
adj. fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare"; "his bearded face already has a set hollow look"- Connor Cruise O'Brien; "a face rigid with pain"
duro, tieso
adj. not moving or operating freely; "a stiff hinge"
Antonyms (7)
en movimiento
adj. in motion; "a constantly moving crowd"; "the moving parts of the machine"
activo, en movimiento
adj. being in physical motion: "active fish in the aquarium"; "a nurse is on the move all day"
m?vil, movible
adj. having transportation available
m?vil, movible
adj. capable of changing quickly from one state or condition to another; "a highly mobile face"
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