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Adjectives (8)

inhospedable, inhospitable, inhospital, inhospitalario, inhóspito, poco cordial, desagradable, antipático
adj. very unfavorable to life or growth; "a hostile climate"; "an uncongenial atmosphere"; "an uncongenial soil"; "the unfriendly environment at high altitudes"

Fuzzynyms (11)

inconciliable, poco cordial, incompatible, opuesto, reñido, contrario, antipático
adj. not suitable to your tastes or needs; "the uncongenial roommates were always fighting"; "the task was uncongenial to one sensitive to rebuffs"
odioso, hostil, poco amable, agresivo
adj. characterized by enmity or ill will; "a hostile nation"; "a hostile remark"; "hostile actions"

Synonyms (7)

poco agradable, dry, distante, seco, antipático, frío, fresco
adj. lacking warmth or friendliness; "looked uncordial as we approached"

Antonyms (1)

adj. characteristic of or befitting a friend; "friendly advice"; "a friendly neighborhood"; "the only friendly person here"; "a friendly host and hostess"


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