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Adjectives (9)

microscópico, infinitesimal
adj. so small as to be invisible without a microscope; "differences were microscopic"

Fuzzynyms (0)

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Synonyms (22)

esmirriado, enclenque, en miniatura, mini, diminuto, pequeño, chico, minúsculo, diminutivo, muy pequeño
adj. very small; "diminutive in stature"; "a lilliputian chest of drawers"; "her petite figure"; "tiny feet"; "the flyspeck nation of Bahrain moved toward democracy"
incoherente, pequeñísimo, diminuto, muy pequeño, insignificante, minúsculo
adj. (used informally) very small; "a wee tot"
adj. thin in thickness or diameter; "a fine film of oil"; "fine hairs"; "read the fine print"
en miniatura
adj. being on a very small scale; "a miniature camera"
escaso, pequeño
adj. small in quantity; "slender wages"; "a slim chance of winning"; "a small surplus"
en pequeña escala
adj. created or drawn on a small scale; "small-scale maps"; "a small-scale model"
demasiado pequeño
adj. smaller than normal for its kind

Antonyms (21)

adj. enough to be estimated or measured; "appreciable amounts of noxious wastes are dumped into the harbor"
titánico, vasto, descomunal, ciclópeo, fenomenal, grandísimo, colosal, gigantesco, tremendo, inmenso, enorme, gigante
adj. so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth; "a gigantic redwood"; "gigantic disappointment"; "a mammoth ship"; "a mammoth multinational corporation"
elefantino, ciclópeo, colosal, gigantesco, enorme, macizo, gigante, pesado
adj. of great mass; huge and bulky; "a jumbo jet"; "jumbo shrimp"


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