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Adjectives (12)

inexperimentado, inexperto, principiante, bisoño, novato
adj. lacking practical experience or training
inexperimentado, sin experiencia, imperito, inexperto, bisoño, nuevo, fresco
adj. not tried or tested by experience; "unseasoned artillery volunteers"; "still untested in battle"; "an illustrator untried in mural painting"; "a young hand at plowing"

Fuzzynyms (27)

no calificado, inhábil, incapaz, incompetente
adj. lacking the necessary skill or knowledge etc.; "an incapable helper"
adj. recently made, produced, or harvested; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
inexperto, inmaduro, cándido, bisoño, novato, ingenuo
adj. lacking practical experience or training
precoz, temprano, nuevo
adj. being in its early stage; "a young industry"; "the day is still young"
juvenil, vernal, joven
adj. suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh; "he is young for his age"
adj. not professional; not engaged in a profession or engaging in as a profession or for gain; "the nonprofessional wives of his male colleagues"; "nonprofessional actors"
no especializado
adj. not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training; "an untrained voice"; "untrained troops"; "young minds untrained in the habit of concentration"
propio de un aficionado, de aficionado, no profesional, inexperto, defectuoso, diletante, chapucero, torpe
adj. lacking professional skill or expertise; "a very amateurish job"; "inexpert but conscientious efforts"; "an unskilled painting"

Synonyms (7)

sin experiencia, inexperto, bisoño, novato, ingenuo, nuevo
adj. lacking training or experience; "the new men were eager to fight"; "raw recruits"
adj. not having had extensive practice

Antonyms (8)

cocido, experimentado
adj. having experience; having knowledge or skill from observation or participation
conocedor, experimentado, ducho, consumado, experto, perito
adj. rendered competent through trial and experience; "a seasoned traveler"; "veteran steadiness"; "a veteran officer"


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