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Adjectives (8)

indubitable, indudable, inconfundible, inequívoco, evidente, manifiesto, seguro, claro
adj. clearly evident to the mind; "his opposition to slavery was unmistakable"

Fuzzynyms (32)

drástico, pormenorizado, amplio, vasto, exhaustivo, profundo, extenso, prolijo, detallado, radical, total, completo
adj. broad in scope or content; "across-the-board pay increases"; "an all-embracing definition"; "blanket sanctions against human-rights violators"; "an invention with broad applications"; "a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner; "granted him wide powers"
definitivo, definido, explícito, inequívoco
adj. clearly defined or formulated; "the plain and unequivocal language of the laws"- R.B.Taney
aparente, evidente, visible, obvio, manifiesto, marcado, claro, patente
adj. (of a bodily tube or passageway) open; affording free passage; "patent ductus arteriosus"

Synonyms (21)

explícito, evidente, obvio, claro
adj. (of speech) heavily and noticeably regional; "a broad southern accent"
explícito, preciso, nítido, inequívoco, perceptible, obvio, claro, transparente
adj. (often followed by `from') not alike; different in nature or quality; "plants of several distinct types"; "the word `nationalism' is used in at least two distinct senses"; "gold is distinct from iron"; "a tree related to but quite distinct from the European beech"; "management had interests quite distinct from those of their employees"
comprehensible, luminoso, perspicuo, inteligible, comprensible, claro
adj. (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable; "writes in a limpid style"; "lucid directions"; "a luculent oration"- Robert Burton; "pellucid prose"; "a crystal clear explanation"; "a perspicuous argument"
adj. not elaborate or elaborated; simple; "plain food"; "stuck to the plain facts"; "a plain blue suit"; "a plain rectangular brick building"
vivo, claro
adj. having the clarity and freshness of immediate experience; "a vivid recollection"

Antonyms (11)

mal definido, no meticuloso, no cuidadoso, impreciso, indefinido, inexacto
adj. not clearly understood or expressed; "an obscure turn of phrase"; "an impulse to go off and fight certain obscure battles of his own spirit"-Anatole Broyard; "their descriptions of human behavior become vague, dull, and unclear"- P.A.Sorokin; "vague...forms of speech...have so long passed for mysteries of science"- John Locke
poco marcado, nada conspicuo, poco notable, invisible, discreto
adj. not prominent or readily noticeable; "he pushed the string through an inconspicuous hole"; "the invisible man"


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