Nouns (26)

adepto, genio, lince, gallito, gallo, maestro, hechicero, mago, lumbrera, virtuoso, hacha, crack, campeón, as, experto, perito
n. a buzzing or hissing sound as of something traveling rapidly through the air; "he heard the whiz of bullets near his head"
hechicero, encantador
n. a sorcerer or magician
brujo, jorguín, imbunche, chamán, hechicero, mago
n. one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead
brujo, hechicero
n. someone who is believed to heal through magical powers

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (13)

fascinador, apacible, encantador, agradable, hechicero
adj. taking delight in beauty; "the sensuous joy from all things fair"
fascinador, cautivante, embelesador, embrujador, cautivador, fascinante, encantador, hechicero
adj. capturing interest as if by a spell; "bewitching smile"; "Roosevelt was a captivating speaker"; "enchanting music"; "an enthralling book"; "antique papers of entrancing design"; "a fascinating woman"

Fuzzynyms (171)

sensación, tacto
n. a property perceived by touch
maldición, imprecación, mala suerte, maleficio
n. a person believed to bring bad luck to those around him
n. a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
n. a public performer (a dancer or singer)
famoso, celebridad
n. a widely known person; "he was a baseball celebrity"
luchador, batallador, combatiente, paladín, héroe, campeón
n. someone who fights for a cause
compositor, maestro
n. someone who composes music as a profession
menestral, bracero, artesano, artífice
n. a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
menestral, artesano, artífice
n. a creator of great skill in the manual arts; "the jewelry was made by internationally famous craftsmen"
diletante, aficionado, amateur
n. an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge
laminero, lameplatos, mantecón, goloso, epicúreo, sibarita, gourmet, gastrónomo
n. a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
n. one who professes great sensitivity to the beauty of art and nature
n. someone who travels behind or pursues another
genialidad, genio, cerebro, cabeza, lumbrera
n. someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality; "Mozart was a child genius"; "he's smart but he's no Einstein"
estrella, antorcha, persona importante, notable, notabilidad, luminar, prócer, astro, faro, nervio, gerifalte, lumbrera
n. a celebrity who is an inspiration to others; "he was host to a large gathering of luminaries"
maestro, experto
n. an artist of consummate skill; "a master of the violin"; "one of the old masters"
profesor, maestro, experto
n. an authority qualified to teach apprentices
magister, profesor, maestro
n. someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution
n. a member of the Muslim dynasty that ruled India until 1857
instrumentista, músico
n. someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
personaje, figura, nombre
n. a well-known or notable person; "they studied all the great names in the history of France"; "she is an important figure in modern music"
personaje, personalidad
n. a person of considerable prominence; "she is a Hollywood personality"
milagro, joven prodigio, niño prodigio, monstruo, fénix, prodigio, portento
n. an impressive or wonderful example of a particular quality; "the Marines are expected to perform prodigies of valor"
n. a person considered as a source of warmth or energy or glory etc
sostenedor, adicto, fan, entusiasta, fanático, partidario, adepto, devoto, defensor
n. a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
sabroso, gustoso, deleitoso, bueno, exquisito, precioso, hermoso, bello, ameno, rico, chulo, encantador, lindo, bonito
adj. appealing to the emotions as well as the eye
adj. stunningly beautiful; "a ravishing blonde"
muy bonito, fascinador, precioso, seductor, encantador, atractivo
adj. having an air of allure, romance and excitement; "glamorous movie stars"
agraciado, elegante, gracioso
adj. characterized by beauty of movement, style, form, or execution
adj. displaying effortless beauty and simplicity in movement or execution; "an elegant dancer"; "an elegant mathematical solution -- simple and precise"
asombroso, sonado, aparatoso, espectacular, sensacional, sorprendente, estupendo, notable
adj. strikingly beautiful or attractive; "quite stunning with large dark eyes and a beautiful high-bosomed figure"; "stunning photographs of Canada's wilderness areas"
fascinador, que apasiona, apasionante, interesantísimo, cautivador, fascinante, absorbente
adj. capable of arousing and holding the attention; "a fascinating story"
tentador, seductor, encantador, atractivo
adj. very pleasantly inviting; "a tantalizing aroma"; "a tempting repast"
entrañable, adorable, simpático, amable, ameno, cariñoso, encantador
adj. lovable especially in a childlike or naive way
adj. pleasing or delighting; "endowed with charming manners"; "a charming little cottage"; "a charming personality"
encantador, suculento, sabroso, riquísimo, gustoso, deleitoso, exquisito, gozoso, delicioso
adj. greatly pleasing or entertaining; "a delightful surprise"; "the comedy was delightful"; "a delicious joke"
incoercible, irresistible, incontenible
adj. overpoweringly attractive; "irresistible beauty"
insinuante, tentador, atrayente, embelesador, seductor, encantador, atractivo
adj. tending to entice into a desired action or state
seductivo, halagüeño, tentador, atractivo
adj. highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire; "an alluring prospect"; "her alluring smile"; "the voice was low and beguiling"; "difficult to say no to an enticing advertisement"; "a tempting invitation"
suculento, sabroso, riquísimo, gustoso, deleitoso, deleitable, exquisito, delicioso
adj. extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

Synonyms (24)

adj. satisfying aesthetic standards and sensibilities; "artistic workmanship"
seductivo, atrayente, seductor, atractivo
adj. very attractive; capturing interest; "a fetching new hairstyle"; "something inexpressibly taking in his manner"; "a winning personality"
magnético, carismático, cautivador
adj. possessing an extraordinary ability to attract; "a charismatic leader"; "a magnetic personality"
ameno, atrayente, cautivador, encantador
adj. attracting or delighting; "an engaging frankness"; "a piquant face with large appealing eyes"
adj. (informal British) sexually attractive; "a dishy blonde"
adj. pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance; "what a nice fellow you are and we all thought you so nasty"- George Meredith; "nice manners"; "a nice dress"; "a nice face"; "a nice day"; "had a nice time at the party"; "the corn and tomatoes are nice today"

Antonyms (1)

adj. lacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful; "the craven fellow turned and ran"; "a craven proposal to raise the white flag"; "this recreant knight"- Spenser


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