Nouns (4)

granudo, granilloso, granuloso, granular
n. the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

Verbs (4)

granular, granularse
v. become granular
granular, granularse
v. form into grains

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (8)

arenoso, harinoso, granilloso, granuloso, granoso, farináceo, granular, lleno de granos
adj. containing meal or made of meal

Fuzzynyms (12)

reducir a polvo, reducir a escombros, destrizar, machar, quebrantar, aplastar, pulverizar, desmenuzar, triturar, moler, majar, machacar
v. reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading; "grind the spices in a mortar"; "mash the garlic"

Synonyms (4)

amplio, desprendido, flojo, suelto
adj. (of textures) full of small openings or gaps; "an open texture"; "a loose weave"

Antonyms (0)

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