Nouns (27)

crasitud, gordura, peso
n. excess bodily weight; "she disliked fatness in herself as well as in others"
adiposidad, grasa, gordura
n. having the property of containing fat; "he recommended exercise to reduce my adiposity"
grasa, obesidad, corpulencia, carnosidad, gordura
n. more than average fatness
mole, corpulencia, carnosidad, gordura, humanidad, sobrepeso
n. the property of excessive fatness
rechonchez, rellenito, llenito, regordete, corpulencia, adiposidad, gordura
n. the bodily property of being well rounded
sebo, grasa, gordura
n. a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides); "pizza has too much fat"

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (23)

unto, ungüento, pomada, bálsamo
n. anything that remedies or heals or soothes; "he needed a salve for his conscience"
manteca de cerdo, lardo, tocino, albardilla
n. soft white semisolid fat obtained by rendering the fatty tissue of the hog
gordo, sebo, grosura, grasa
n. hard fat around the kidneys and loins in beef and sheep
grasa, aceite lubricante, lubrificante, lubricante, engrase
n. a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
materia lubricante, materia lubrificante, aceite, grasa, unto
n. a thick fatty oil (especially one used to lubricate machinery)
n. obtained from suet and used in making soap, candles and lubricants

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (5)

delgadez, flacura, magrura, magrez, flaqueza
n. the property of having little body fat


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