Nouns (9)

n. the head of a state government
soberano, gobernante, gobernador
n. a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
sheriff, juez presidente, shérif, gobernador, alguacil
n. the principal law-enforcement officer in a county

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (64)

director ejecutivo, gerente, director, directivo, gestor
n. someone who controls resources and expenditures
n. someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others
capitán, jefe
n. the leader of a group of people; "a captain of industry"
oficial al mando, comandante en jefe, comandante
n. an officer in command of a military unit
czar, zar
n. a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917)
sénior, anciano, mayor
n. a person who is older than you are
hombre de días, hombre de edad, hombre mayor, viejo, veterano, anciano, patriarca
n. a man who is older and higher in rank than yourself
káiser, emperador
n. red table grape of California
responsable, director, cabeza, dirigente, jefe
n. an individual person; "tickets are $5 per head"
superintendente, director, supervisor
n. one who supervises or has charge and direction of
rey, monarca
n. a male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom
patrono, dueño, comandante, capitán, director, maestro, dirigente, jefe, patrón
n. directs the work of others
pionero, renovador, innovador, novador, explorador
n. someone who helps to open up a new line of research or technology or art
predecesor, antecesor
n. one who precedes you in time (as in holding a position or office)
pionero, scout, campirano, descubridor, piloto, explorador, batidor, corredor
n. a Boy Scout or Girl Scout
n. one of greater rank or station or quality
vasallo feudal, feudatorio, vasallo, súbdito
n. city in eastern Belgium; largest French-speaking city in Belgium

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (5)

civil, ciudadano, súbdito
n. a person who owes allegiance to that nation; "a monarch has a duty to his subjects"
ciudadano, súbdito
n. a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community


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