Nouns (10)

ex-esposa, ex-mujer, ex esposa, ex mujer, ex
n. the 24th letter of the Roman alphabet
ex esposo, ex-esposo, ex-marido, ex, ex marido
n. a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband

Verbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (2)

ex, precedente
adj. (used especially of persons) of the immediate past; "the former president"; "our late President is still very active"; "the previous occupant of the White House"

Fuzzynyms (21)

anterior, precedente, previo
adj. earlier in time
preliminar, anterior, precedente, previo
adj. existing or coming before
adj. of or near the head end or toward the front plane of a body
obsoleto, anticuado, desusado
adj. of an earlier date; "back issues of the magazine"
primigenio, prístino, originario, primitivo, original
adj. having existed from the beginning; in an earliest or original stage or state; "aboriginal forests"; "primal eras before the appearance of life on earth"; "the forest primeval"; "primordial matter"; "primordial forms of life"
de fines de, tardío
adj. being or occurring at an advanced period of time or after a usual or expected time; "late evening"; "late 18th century"; "a late movie"; "took a late flight"; "had a late breakfast"
jubilandose, retirandose, precedente
adj. of a person who has held and relinquished a position or office; "a retiring member of the board"

Synonyms (21)

antiguo, clásico
adj. belonging to times long past especially of the historical period before the fall of the Western Roman Empire; "ancient history"; "ancient civilizations such as those of the Etruscans and Sumerians"; "ancient Greece"
adj. well in the past; former; "bygone days"; "dreams of foregone times"; "sweet memories of gone summers"; "relics of a departed era"
de la Edad Media, medieval, medioeval, caballeresco, medioevo, medievo
adj. characteristic of the time of chivalry and knighthood in the Middle Ages; "chivalric rites"; "the knightly years"
antiguo, otro, anterior, precedente
adj. of the distant past: "the early inhabitants of Europe"; "former generations"; "in other times"
adj. belonging to some prior time; "erstwhile friend"; "our former glory"; "the once capital of the state"; "her quondam lover"
adj. belonging to the past; of what is important or famous in the past; "historic victories"; "historical (or historic) times"; "a historical character"
antiguo, viejo, anciano
adj. belonging to some prior time; "erstwhile friend"; "our former glory"; "the once capital of the state"; "her quondam lover"
de entonces, otro, este
adj. recently past; "the other evening"

Antonyms (1)

adj. yet to be or coming; "some future historian will evaluate him"


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