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Adjectives (14)

galvánico, enardeciendo, enardecido, galvanizando, galvanizado, electrizante, tenso, eléctrico
adj. pertaining to or producing electric current by chemical action; "a galvanic cell"; "a voltaic (or galvanic) couple"
entusiasmado, enardecido, ardiente, brillante, entusiasta, apasionado
adj. highly enthusiastic; "glowing praise"

Fuzzynyms (15)

adj. very intense; "a fiery temper"; "flaming passions"
caloroso, tórrido, llameante, férvido, ferviente, fervoroso, ardoroso, ardiente, fogoso, hirviente, inflamado, caluroso, apasionado, encendido
adj. characterized by intense emotion; "ardent love"; "an ardent lover"; "a fervent desire to change society"; "a fervent admirer"; "fiery oratory"; "an impassioned appeal"; "a torrid love affair"

Synonyms (24)

pasmoso, excitante, emocionante, vertiginoso, apasionante, impresionante, imponente
adj. tending to cause suspension of regular breathing; "a breathless flight"; "breathtaking adventure"
adj. causing quivering or shivering as by cold or fear or electric shock; "a thrilling wind blew off the frozen lake"
muy bonito, fascinador, precioso, seductor, encantador, atractivo
adj. having an air of allure, romance and excitement; "glamorous movie stars"
estupendo, excitante
adj. marked by excited activity; "a hot week on the stock market"
bonachón, apacible, bueno, bondadoso, simpático, amable, benigno, afectuoso
adj. pleasant and agreeable; "a kindly climate"; "kindly breeze"

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