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Adjectives (27)

anonado, destrozado, destruido, arruinado, batido
adj. spoiled or ruined or demolished; "war left many cities destroyed"; "Alzheimer's is responsible for her destroyed mind"
ruinado, desolado, destruido, árido, salvaje, desierto
adj. "upon this blasted heath"- Shakespeare; "a wasted landscape"
derrelinquido, destruido, desmoronado, sin vigilancia, desamparado, abandonado, desierto
adj. forsaken by owner or inhabitants ; "weed-grown yard of an abandoned farmhouse"
destruido, perdido
adj. spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed; "lost souls"; "a lost generation"; "a lost ship"; "the lost platoon"
anonado, aniquilado, destrozado, destruido, arruinado, abatido, batido
adj. destroyed physically or morally

Fuzzynyms (3)

pobres, menesteroso, necesitado
adj. demanding or needing attention, affection, or reassurance to an excessive degree

Synonyms (22)

desfallecido, agotado, acabado, arruinado, perdido, roto
adj. destroyed or killed; "we are gone geese"
empobrecido, arruinado
adj. brought to ruin; "after the revolution the aristocracy was finished"; "the unsuccessful run for office left him ruined politically and economically"
repelido, rechazado
adj. something or someone judged unacceptable; "rejected merchandise"
desolado, aislado, triste, árido, abandonado, despoblado, desierto, solitario
adj. marked by or showing hopelessness; "the last forlorn attempt"; "a forlorn cause"
execrable, maldito, condenado, perdido
adj. in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell; "poor damned souls"

Antonyms (1)

adj. kept intact or in a particular condition


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