Nouns (0)

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Verbs (11)

quitar la ropa a, quitar la ropa, despojar las vestiduras, despojar la ropa, despojarse de sus vestiduras, despojarse de la ropa, desmontar, desvestirse, desvestir, desnudarse, desnudar
v. get undressed; "please don't undress in front of everybody!"; "She strips in front of strangers every night for a living"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (20)

poner a la vista, denudar, talar el monte, desboscar, deforestar, despejar, desmontar
v. remove; "clear the leaves from the lawn"; "Clear snow from the road"
comprometer, exponer al peligro, poner en peligro, hacer peligrar, arriesgar
v. put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position
v. remove or force out from a position; "The dentist dislodged the piece of food that had been stuck under my gums"; "He finally could free the legs of the earthquake victim who was buried in the rubble"
desposeer, despojar, privar, desmontar
v. deprive of the possession of real estate
quitar de encima, limpiar de, librar de
v. relieve from; "Rid the house of pests"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (15)

ponerse de veinticinco alfileres, atusarse, alzarse, ataviarse, acicalarse, emperifollarse, emperejilarse
v. put on special clothes to appear particularly appealing and attractive; "She never dresses up, even when she goes to the opera"; "The young girls were all fancied up for the party"
vestirse, acicalarse, vestir
v. put on clothes; "we had to dress quickly"; "dress the patient"; "Can the child dress by herself?"
emperifollar, acicalar, ataviar, emperejilarse, vestir
v. dress in a certain manner; "She dresses in the latest Paris fashion"; "he dressed up in a suit and tie"


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