Nouns (19)

negligencia intencionada, negligencia deliberada, negligencia culpable, negligencia, desamparo, falta
n. a tendency to be negligent and uncaring; "he inherited his delinquency from his father"; "his derelictions were not really intended as crimes"; "his adolescent protest consisted of willful neglect of all his responsibilities"
impotencia, desabrigo, indefensión, desprotección, desamparo
n. the property of being helpless in the face of attack
debilidad, desamparo, impotencia
n. powerlessness revealed by an inability to act; "in spite of their weakness the group remains active"
desconsuelo, tristeza, soledad, desamparo, abandono
n. sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (80)

delito, irregularidad profesional, delito profesional, abuso de su cargo, proceder ilegal, irregularidad
n. a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do; improper professional conduct; "he charged them with electoral malpractices"
defecto, imperfección, tara, tacha, mácula
n. a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body); "a facial blemish"
desequilibrio, inestabilidad
n. the quality or attribute of being unstable and irresolute
insuficiencia, inadecuado
n. unsatisfactoriness by virtue of being inadequate
falla, flaqueza, debilidad, vicio
n. moral weakness
n. extreme dangerousness
delgadez, tenuidad, esbeltez, debilidad
n. the quality of lacking intensity or substance; "a shrill yet sweet tenuity of voice"- Nathaniel Hawthorne
despreciable, inutilidad
n. having no qualities that would render it valuable or useful; "the drill sergeant's intent was to convince all the recruits of their worthlessness"
inutilidad, futilidad
n. uselessness as a consequence of having no practical result
cohibición, restricción, limitación
n. the quality of being limited or restricted; "it is a good plan but it has serious limitations"
entorpecimiento, inconveniente, desventaja, estorbo, obstáculo, rémora, contra, impedimento
n. the quality of being a hindrance; "he pointed out all the drawbacks to my plan"
enajenamiento, alienación, extrañamiento, distanciamiento, desafecto, desafección, desapego, enajenación, extrañeza, alejamiento, desvío
n. disloyalty to the government or to established authority; "the widespread disaffection of the troops"
aislamiento, separación
n. (psychiatry) a defense mechanism in which memory of an unacceptable act or impulse is separated from the emotion originally associated with it
compunción, desazón, aflicción, pesar, pesadumbre, desconsuelo, cuita, congoja, tristeza, pena, dolor, disgusto
n. an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement; "he tried to express his sorrow at her loss"
mal de amor, aflicción del ánimo, dolor de corazón, sinsabor, congoja, pena
n. intense sorrow caused by loss of a loved one (especially by death)
desespero, desesperación, desaliento
n. the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well; "they moaned in despair and dismay"; "one harsh word would send her into the depths of despair"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (13)

efectividad, eficacia, fuerte, fuerza, potencia
n. capacity to produce strong physiological or chemical effects; "the toxin's potency"; "the strength of the drinks"
n. the property of producing abundantly and sustaining vigorous and luxuriant growth; "he praised the richness of the soil"; "weeds lovely in their rankness"
poderío, fuerza, poder, potencia
n. possession of controlling influence; "the deterrent power of nuclear weapons"; "the power of his love saved her"; "his powerfulness was concealed by a gentle facade"
habilidad para persuadir, convincente, persuasiva
n. the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty; "the strength of his argument settled the matter"


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