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Adjectives (4)

dejando sin habla, asombroso, pasmoso, fenomenal
adj. bewildering or striking dumb with wonder

Fuzzynyms (40)

alarmante, preocupante, inquietante, crítico
adj. frightening because of an awareness of danger
superbio, sorprendente, fenoménico, portentoso, prodigioso, asombroso, inconcebible, admirable, formidable, estupendo, descomunal, fenomenal, grandísimo, tremendo, fantástico, maravilloso, magnífico, impresionante, fabuloso, soberbio
adj. very great or intense; "a terrific noise"; "a terrific thunderstorm storm"; "fought a terrific battle"
sorprendente, excepcional, insólito, notable, extraordinario, singular, saliente
adj. remarkable; "that was some party"; "she is some skier"
adj. so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm; "such an enormous response was astonishing"; "an astounding achievement"; "the amount of money required was staggering"; "suffered a staggering defeat"; "the figure inside the boucle dress was stupefying"
de pasmo, sorprendente, desusado, asombroso
adj. surprising greatly; "she does an amazing amount of work"; "the dog was capable of astonishing tricks"
inquietante, sorprendente, alarmante, asombroso
adj. so remarkably different or sudden as to cause momentary shock or alarm; "Sydney's startling new Opera House"; "startling news"; "startling earthquake shocks"

Synonyms (8)

adj. barely credible; "the fabulous endurance of a marathon runner"
inverosímil, improbable, exagerado, asombroso, inconcebible, increíble, maravilloso
adj. too improbable to admit of belief; "a tall story"

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