Nouns (4)

consolar, apaciguar, tranquilizar, consuelo
n. the act of reassuring; restoring someone's confidence

Verbs (9)

esforzar, enfervorizar, solazar, consolar, confortar, envalentonar, incitar, animar, alentar
v. give moral or emotional strength to

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (44)

motivación, estimulante, móvil, motivo, necesidad
n. the condition of being motivated; "his motivation was at a high level"
apoyo, ayuda
n. the act of giving temporary assistance
ánimo, estímulo, aliento, sostén, ayuda
n. the act of giving hope or support to someone
conforto, conforte, confortación, consuelo, consolación, confortativo, solaz, alivio
n. assistance, such as that provided to an enemy or to a known criminal; "it gave comfort to the enemy"
instar, incitación
n. the act of earnestly supporting or encouraging
ánimo, estímulo, aliento
n. the expression of approval and support
palmas, palmadas, palmoteo, aplauso
n. a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together
viva, aclamación, vítor
n. a cry or shout of approval
n. a general disposition to expect the best in all things
infundir confianza, afianzar, sosegar, apaciguar, calmar, tranquilizar
v. cause to feel sure; give reassurance to; "The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe"
apaciguarse, tranquilizarse, sosegar, callarse, serenarse
v. become quiet or quieter; "The audience fell silent when the speaker entered"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (0)

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