Nouns (19)

seto, valladar, cerca, cercado, vallado, valla, cerco
n. material for building fences
cerca, estacada, empalizada, valla
n. a fence made of upright pickets
cerca, verja, guardalado, pretil, barandilla
n. material for making rails or rails collectively
cerca, palizada
n. a fence (usually made of split logs laid across each other at an angle)
n. [a space that has been enclosed for some purpose]

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (11)

cercano, próximo, cerca, cercado
adj. closely resembling the genuine article; "near beer"; "a dress of near satin"
próximo, cerca, cercano
adj. at or within a short distance in space or time or having elements near each other; "close to noon"; "how close are we to town?"; "a close formation of ships"
cercano, próximo, cerca, cercado
adj. very close in space or time; "proximate words"; "proximate houses"

Fuzzynyms (30)

infamación, vilipendio, afrenta, calumnia, difamación
n. the act of defaming
muro, pared, muralla
n. a masonry fence (as around an estate or garden); "the wall followed the road"; "he ducked behind the garden wall and waited"
maldición, imprecación
n. a slanderous accusation
n. a company that markets merchandise; "his company is a large distributor of software products"
pacotillero, vendedor ambulante, buhonero, mercachifle
n. someone who travels about selling his wares (as on the streets or at carnivals)
tendero, detallista, minorista, expendedor
n. a merchant who sells goods at retail
distribuidor automático, expendendor, vendedor, revendedor, traficante, negociante
n. someone who promotes or exchanges goods or services for money
tratante, feriante, traficante, comerciante, operador
n. a seller of illicit goods; "a dealer in stolen goods"

Synonyms (15)

codo a codo, yuxtapuesto, próximo, al lado de, contiguo, vecino
adj. placed side by side often for comparison; "juxtaposed pictures"
cerco, circundante, circunvecino, ambiente
adj. closely encircling; "encompassing mountain ranges"; "the surrounding countryside"
acercándose, inminente
adj. close in time; about to occur; "retribution is at hand"; "some people believe the day of judgment is close at hand"; "in imminent danger"; "his impending retirement"
inmediato, próximo, contiguo
adj. very close or connected in space or time; "contiguous events"; "immediate contact"; "the immediate vicinity"; "the immediate past"

Antonyms (13)

lejano, remoto, distante
adj. located at a great distance in time or space or degree; "we come from a far country"; "far corners of the earth"; "the far future"; "a far journey"; "the far side of the road"; "far from the truth"; "far in the future"
adj. far removed mentally; "a faraway (or distant) look in her eyes"
lejano, remoto, distante
adj. located far away spatially; "distant lands"; "remote stars"
lejano, alejado, remoto
adj. separate or apart in time; "distant events"; "the remote past or future"
lejano, remoto, distante
adj. separated in space or coming from or going to a distance; "distant villages"; "the sound of distant traffic"; "a distant sound"; "a distant telephone call"


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