Nouns (3)

poco consistente, blando, pastosidad
n. a mushy pulpy softness

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (52)

dócil, sumiso, blando
adj. offering no resistance; "resistless hostages"; "No other colony showed such supine, selfish helplessness in allowing her own border citizens to be mercilessly harried"- Theodore Roosevelt
cómodo, blando, muelle
adj. suggesting connivance; "a cozy arrangement with the police"
tierno, blando
adj. (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition; "tender green shoots"
quebradizo, frágil, fino, delicado, suave, blando
adj. easily broken or damaged or destroyed; "a kite too delicate to fly safely"; "fragile porcelain plates"; "fragile old bones"; "a frail craft"
tierno, blando
adj. (edible)
flexible, blando, elástico
adj. able to adjust readily to different conditions; "an adaptable person"; "a flexible personality"; "an elastic clause in a contract"
blando, muelle
adj. willing to negotiate and compromise
blando, moderado
adj. moderate in type or degree or effect or force; far from extreme; "a mild winter storm"; "a mild fever"; "fortunately the pain was mild"; "a mild rebuke"; "mild criticism"
vulnerable, blando
adj. young and immature; "at a tender age"
suave, blando, dulce
adj. lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting; "a bland little drama"; "a flat joke"
dúctil, buenecito, dócil, sumiso, fácil, flexible, complaciente, blando, manso
adj. easily handled or managed; "a gentle old horse, docile and obedient"
soso, sin sabor, insulso, insípido, blando
adj. lacking taste or flavor or tang; "a bland diet"; "insipid hospital food"; "flavorless supermarket tomatoes"; "vapid beer"; "vapid tea"
blando, flojo
adj. hanging limply; "a spaniel with floppy ears"
tierno, blando
adj. easy to cut or chew; "tender beef"
frágil, fino, delicado, suave, blando, refinado
adj. easily hurt; "soft hands"; "a baby's delicate skin"

Fuzzynyms (71)

imperturbable, quieto
adj. not easily perturbed or excited or upset; marked by extreme calm and composure; "hitherto imperturbable, he now showed signs of alarm"; "an imperturbable self-possession"; "unflappable in a crisis"
de gusto exigente, fino, escogido, exquisito, selecto, delicado, refinado, noble
adj. exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury; "a delicate violin passage"; "delicate china"; "a delicate flavor"; "the delicate wing of a butterfly"
quebradizo, frágil
adj. vulnerably delicate; "she has the fragile beauty of youth"
adj. lacking zest or vivacity; "he was listless and bored"
no fresco, manido, rancio, viejo, pasado
adj. lacking freshness, palatability, or showing deterioration from age; "stale bread"; "the beer was stale"
avieso, malo
adj. offensive or even (of persons) malicious; "in a nasty mood"; "a nasty accident"; "a nasty shock"; "a nasty smell"; "a nasty trick to pull"; "Will he say nasty things at my funeral?"- Ezra Pound
fétido, nauseoso, nauseativo, nauseabundo, inmundo, repugnante, disgustoso, asqueroso
adj. causing or able to cause nausea; "a nauseating smell"; "nauseous offal"; "a sickening stench"
pacífico, sosegado, tranquilo
adj. not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war; "a peaceful nation"; "peaceful times"; "a far from peaceful Christmas"; "peaceful sleep"
tranquilo, quieto
adj. of the sun characterized by a low level of surface phenomena like sunspots e.g.
arrasado, sedoso, de seda, de satén, de raso, como de seda, satinado, reluciente, brillante, suave
adj. well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed; "sleek figures in expensive clothes"
alicaído, endeble, flojo, cojo, flaco
adj. pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness; "a feeble excuse"; "a lame argument"
nimio, tenue, leve, ligero
adj. having little substance or significance; "a flimsy excuse"; "slight evidence"; "a tenuous argument"; "a thin plot"
de suspensión, suspendido, pendiente, colgante
adj. held from above; "a pendant bunch of grapes"

Synonyms (38)

adj. providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal); "comfortable clothes"; "comfortable suburban houses"; "made himself comfortable in an armchair"; "the antihistamine made her feel more comfortable"; "are you comfortable?"; "feeling comfy now?"
adj. having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable; "the homely everyday atmosphere"; "a homey little inn"
decorativo, frágil, exquisito, precioso, gracioso
adj. especially pleasing to the taste; "a dainty dish to set before a kind";
tenue, sutil, leve
adj. faint and difficult to analyze; "subtle aromas"
quebradizo, frágil
adj. vulnerably delicate; "she has the fragile beauty of youth"
tenue, leve, ligero, tierno, suave
adj. having little impact; "an easy pat on the shoulder"; "gentle rain"; "a gentle breeze"; "a soft (or light) tapping at the window"
quebradizo, frágil, friable
adj. having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped; "brittle bones"; "glass is brittle"; "`brickle' and `brickly' are dialectal"
adj. designed to be changed from one use or form to another; "a convertible sofa"; "a convertible coupe"
adj. expected in the near future; "look for an early end to the negotiations"
adj. including or intended for youthful persons; "a junior sports league"; "junior fashions"
parvo, pequeño, chico
adj. small in a way that arouses feelings (of tenderness or its opposite depending on the context); "a nice little job"; "bless your little heart"; "my dear little mother"; "a sweet little deal"; "I'm tired of your petty little schemes"; "filthy little tricks"; "what a nasty little situation"
adj. being of the age 13 through 19; "teenage mothers"; "the teen years"
adj. somewhat young
juvenil, vernal, joven
adj. suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh; "he is young for his age"
sumiso, manso
adj. quieted and brought under control; "children were subdued and silent"
soso, insípido, desabrido
adj. lacking flavor
laxo, flojo
adj. not tense or taut; "the old man's skin hung loose and grey"; "slack and wrinkled skin"; "slack sails"; "a slack rope"

Antonyms (68)

poco confortable, incómodo
adj. providing or experiencing physical discomfort; "an uncomfortable chair"; "an uncomfortable day in the hot sun"
duro, fuerte, firme
adj. resisting weight or pressure
firme, sólido
adj. not soft or yielding to pressure; "a firm mattress"; "the snow was firm underfoot"; "solid ground"
fascinante, intrigante
adj. capable of arousing interest or curiosity; "our team came up with some most intriguing finds"
mucho, extremado, sumo, intenso, profundo, agudo, fuerte, vivo, grande
adj. possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree; "intense heat"; "intense anxiety"; "intense desire"; "intense emotion"; "the skunk's intense acrid odor"; "intense pain"; "enemy fire was intense"
serio, enorme, grave, fuerte
adj. very intense; "a bad headache"; "in a big rage"; "had a big (or bad) shock"; "a bad earthquake"; "a bad storm"
vehemente, terrible, tremendo, horrible, espantoso, grave, grande, fuerte, extremo
adj. intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality; "severe pain"; "a severe case of flu"; "a terrible cough"; "under wicked fire from the enemy's guns"; "a wicked cough"
vehemente, ardiente, violento, impetuoso, intenso, feroz, extremo
adj. (of colors or sounds) intensely vivid or loud; "a violent clash of colors"; "her dress was a violent red"; "a violent noise"; "wild colors"; "wild shouts"
tremendo, impetuoso, intenso, potente, con potencia, con fuerza, fuerte
adj. marked by intense physical force: "a big wind"; "a violent squall"; "heavy seas"; "high winds"
empeñado, furibundo, rabioso, ardoroso, vehemente, enfurecido, furioso, entusiasta
adj. very severe; "a raging thirst"; "a raging toothache"
aromático, condimentado, sazonado con especias, con mucha pimienta, sazonado, sabroso, picante
adj. having the piquant burning taste of peppers; "corn chips with peppery salsa"
extravagante, estrambótico, disparatado, loco, estrafalario
adj. marked by extreme lack of restraint or control; "wild talk"; "wild parties"
correoso, duro
adj. resistant to cutting or chewing
adj. physically toughened; "the tough bottoms of his feet"


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