Nouns (42)

avidez, ansia, avaricia, rapacidad, codicia
n. reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth (personified as one of the deadly sins)
avaricia, racanería, pichuleo, angurria, tacañería, roñosería, roñería, roña, miseria, mezquindad, cicatería, cutrería
n. a lack of generosity; a general unwillingness to part with money
tacañería, roña, mezquindad, cicatería, avaricia
n. extreme stinginess
avaricia, gula, voracidad, rapacidad
n. extreme gluttony
avidez, ansia, avaricia, codicia
n. excessive desire to acquire or possess more (especially more material wealth) than one needs or deserves
tacañería, roñosería, roñería, roña, avaricia, codicia
n. extreme greed for material wealth
avidez, adquisividad, concupiscencia, avaricia, codicia
n. strong desire to acquire and possess
n. [the extreme desire to be wealthy]

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (5)

n. stinginess resulting from a concern for your own welfare and a disregard of others
encendimiento, avidez, entusiasmo, afán
n. a positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (13)

caballerismo, grandeza de ánimo, dadivosidad, longanimidad, liberalidad, caballerosidad, magnanimidad, bizarría, generosidad
n. the trait of being willing to give your money or time
liberalidad, munificencia, generosidad
n. a ship of the British navy; in 1789 part of the crew mutinied against their commander William Bligh and set him afloat in an open boat
n. [the behavior of spending money carelessly]


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