Nouns (18)

way, agency, means
n. how a result is obtained or an end is achieved; "a means of control"; "an example is the best agency of instruction"; "the true way to success"
n. a journey or passage; "they are on the way"
way of life, path, way
n. a course of conduct; "the path of virtue"; "we went our separate ways"; "our paths in life led us apart"; "genius usually follows a revolutionary path"
n. any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another; "he said he was looking for the way out"
n. the property of distance in general; "it's a long way to Moscow"; "he went a long ways"
n. a general category of things; used in the expression `in the way of'; "they didn't have much in the way of clothing"
way, direction
n. a line leading to a place or point; "he looked the other direction"; "didn't know the way home"
n. a portion of something divided into shares; "they split the loot three ways"
elbow room, way, room
n. space for movement; "room to pass"; "make way for"; "hardly enough elbow room to turn around"
n. the condition of things generally; "that's the way it is"; "I felt the same way"
n. magazine

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (2)

right smart, way
adv. to a great degree or by a great distance; very much (`right smart' is regional in the United States); "way over budget"; "way off base"; "the other side of the hill is right smart steeper than the side we are on"

Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (16)

n. a ride in a car; "he gave me a lift home"
boulevard, avenue
n. a wide street or thoroughfare
boulevard, avenue
n. a wide street or thoroughfare
n. a passage between rooms or between buildings
footpath, pathway
n. a trodden path
technique, proficiency
n. skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity; "practice greatly improves proficiency"
n. the heading or position of a vessel relative to the trim of its sails
n. a track or mark left by something that has passed; "there as a trail of blood"; "a tear left its trail on her cheek"
n. (computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive; "the capacity of a hard disk drive is usually expressed in megabytes"
adv. especially; in particular; "notably in the social sciences, the professors teach too much"
uncomparably, incomparably
adv. in an incomparable manner or to an incomparable degree; "she is incomparably gifted"

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