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Adjectives (1)

adj. free from impediment or obstruction or hindrance; "an unobstructed view"

Fuzzynyms (5)

porous, holey
adj. allowing passage in and out; "our unfenced and largely unpoliced border inevitably has been very porous"
adj. allowing fluids or gases to pass or diffuse through; "permeable membranes"; "rock that is permeable by water"
adj. admitting of penetration or passage into or through; "a penetrable wall"; "penetrable defenses"
adj. admitting of passage or entrance; "pervious soil"; "a metal pervious to heat"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (9)

adj. shut off to passage or view or hindered from action; "a partially obstructed passageway"; "an obstructed view"; "justice obstructed is not justice"
plugged, blocked
adj. completely obstructed or closed off; "the storm was responsible for many blocked roads and bridges"; "the drain was plugged"
stalemated, deadlocked
adj. at a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions; "the chess game ended with white stalemated"; "the two factions are deadlocked over fringe benefits"
adj. not open or affording passage or access; "the many closed streets made travel difficult"; "our neighbors peeped from behind closed curtains"
sealed off, locked, secured
adj. closed or secured tightly so as to prevent ingress or egress; "a sealed off pipe"; "the sealed off airport was surrounded by a cordon of police"


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