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Adjectives (12)

contractable, transmittable, transmissible, contagious, communicable, catching
adj. (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection
transmissible, transmitted, inherited, hereditary, genetic, familial
adj. occurring among members of a family usually by heredity; "an inherited disease"; "familial traits"; "genetically transmitted features"

Fuzzynyms (5)

innate, inborn, congenital
adj. present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; acquired during fetal development
adj. relating to or affecting the infant during the first month after birth; "neonatal care"; "the neonatal period"
adj. of or relating to or constituting development; "developmental psychology"

Synonyms (8)

adj. easily diffused or spread as from one person to another; "a contagious grin"
contaminating, corrupting
adj. that infects or taints
infective, infectious
adj. caused by infection or capable of causing infection; "viruses and other infective agents"; "a carrier remains infective without himself showing signs of the disease"
adj. of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor
adj. having the legal right to inherit
adj. (meaning literally `born') used to indicate the maiden or family name of a married woman; "Hillary Clinton nee Rodham"

Antonyms (4)

adj. not infectious
noncontagious, nontransmissible, noncommunicable
adj. (of disease) not capable of being passed on


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