Nouns (1)

n. discoloration of metal surface caused by oxidation

Verbs (5)

maculate, defile, sully, stain, tarnish
v. make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically; "The silver was tarnished by the long exposure to the air"; "Her reputation was sullied after the affair with a married man"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (29)

oxidate, oxidise, oxidize
v. add oxygen to or combine with oxygen
v. suffer or be susceptible to damage; "These fine china cups damage easily"
blemish, flaw
v. add a flaw or blemish to; make imperfect or defective
v. cause to lose or change color; "The detergent discolored my shirts"
v. lose color or turn colorless; "The painting discolored"
v. produce or leave stains; "Red wine stains the table cloth"
doctor up, doctor, sophisticate
v. alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive; "Sophisticate rose water with geraniol"
asperse, besmirch, sully, smear, calumniate, denigrate, smirch, slander, defame
v. charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have defamed me!" "The article in the paper sullied my reputation"
smutch, smudge, blur, smear
v. make a smudge on; soil by smudging
mottle, blotch, streak
v. mark with spots or blotches of different color or shades of color as if stained
v. move quickly in a straight line; "The plane streaked across the sky"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (0)

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