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Adjectives (12)

talkative, expansive
adj. friendly and open and willing to talk; "wine made the guest expansive"
bigmouthed, talkative, blabby, blabbermouthed
adj. unwisely talking too much
talky, talkative, loquacious, garrulous, gabby, chatty
adj. full of trivial conversation; "kept from her housework by gabby neighbors"

Fuzzynyms (21)

smooth-spoken, silver-tongued, silver, fluent, facile, eloquent
adj. expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively; "able to dazzle with his facile tongue"; "silver speech"
adj. tediously prolonged or tending to speak or write at great length; "editing a prolix manuscript"; "a prolix lecturer telling you more than you want to know"
long-winded, wordy, windy, verbose, tedious
adj. using or containing too many words; "long-winded (or windy) speakers"; "verbose and ineffective instructional methods"; "newspapers of the day printed long wordy editorials"; "proceedings were delayed by wordy disputes"
redundant, wordy
adj. use of more words than required to express an idea: "a wordy gossipy account of a simple incident"; "a redundant text crammed with amplifications of the obvious"
adj. smooth and unconstrained in movement; "a long, smooth stride"; "the fluid motion of a cat"; "the liquid grace of a ballerina"
tumid, turgid, orotund, large, declamatory, bombastic
adj. ostentatiously lofty in style; "a man given to large talk"; "tumid political prose"

Synonyms (40)

anecdotical, anecdotic, anecdotal
adj. characterized by or given to telling anecdotes; "anecdotal conversation"; "an anecdotal history of jazz"; "he was at his anecdotic best"
talebearing, tattling, leaky, blabbermouthed
adj. prone to communicate confidential information
newsy, gossipy, chatty
adj. prone to friendly informal communication
adj. readily communicated; "communicable ideas"
adj. used in communication; "he had few communicational grooves available for use"
adj. able to communicate in English
adj. characterized by expression; "a very expressive face"
indicative of, expressive of, revelatory
adj. (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly; "actions indicative of fear"
adj. able to communicate in French
adj. able to communicate in German
nonverbal, gestural
adj. being other than verbal communication; "the study of gestural communication"; "art like gesture is a form of nonverbal expression"
sign-language, sign, signed, gestural
adj. used of the language of the deaf
adj. able to communicate in Icelandic
adj. able to communicate in Italian
adj. consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story; "narrative poetry"
adj. involving little use of language; "a nonverbal intelligence test"
adj. lacking verbal skill; "rural students often come from nonverbal backgrounds"
vocal, outspoken
adj. given to expressing yourself freely or insistently; "outspoken in their opposition to segregation"; "a vocal assembly"
adj. able to communicate in Russian
adj. able to communicate in Spanish
adj. communicated in the form of words; "verbal imagery"; "a verbal protest"
adj. inclined to tell long and involved stories (often of incredible happenings)
adj. lacking wise self-restraint; "an imprudent remark"
blithering, jabbering
adj. talking idly or incoherently; "blithering (or blathering) idiot"; "jabbering children"; "gabbling housewives"; "a babbling hospital inmate"
adj. talking foolishly; "prattling children"

Antonyms (1)

adj. habitually reserved and uncommunicative


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