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Adjectives (5)

submerged, sunken
adj. under water; e.g. at the bottom of a body of water; "sunken treasure"; "a sunken ship"
deep-set, recessed, sunken
adj. having a sunken area; "hunger gave their faces a sunken look"

Fuzzynyms (1)

adj. destroyed in an accident; "a wrecked ship"; "a highway full of wrecked cars"

Synonyms (9)

adj. being or suggesting a cavern; "vast cavernous chambers hollowed out of limestone"
adj. having nothing inside; "an empty sphere"
adj. of or pertaining to or resembling a fistula
adj. having a cavity within: "canoe made of a hollowed log"
vasiform, tube-shaped, cannular, tubelike, tubular
adj. constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids)

Antonyms (2)

adj. borne on the water; floating
adj. stuck in a place where a ship can no longer float; "a ship aground offshore"; "a boat aground on the beach waiting for the tide to lift it"


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