Nouns (4)

Harlem Stride Piano, stride, stride piano
n. a style of jazz piano popular in the early 20th century; "The bass note chords add to the rhythm of stride piano."
n. significant progress (especially in the phrase "make strides"); "they made big strides in productivity"

Verbs (1)

v. cover or traverse by taking long steps; "She strode several miles towards the woods"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (24)

onward motion, forward motion, advancement, advance, procession, progression, progress
n. the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
n. a person's manner of walking
n. a gait faster than a walk; diagonally opposite legs strike the ground together
lope, canter
n. a smooth three-beat gait; between a trot and a gallop
n. a fast gait of a horse; a two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously
running, run
n. the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace; "he broke into a run"; "his daily run keeps him fit"
n. a genre of popular music that originated in New Orleans around 1900 and developed through increasingly complex styles
forte-piano, pianoforte, piano
n. a keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds
footstep, footfall, step
n. the sound of a step of someone walking; "he heard footsteps on the porch"
promenade, troop, parade
v. march in a procession; "the veterans paraded down the street"

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (5)

trip, stumble
v. miss a step and fall or nearly fall; "She stumbled over the tree root"
bumble, falter, stumble
v. walk unsteadily; "The drunk man stumbled about"


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