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Adjectives (2)

adj. submissive or fawning in attitude or behavior; "spoke in a servile tone"; "the incurably servile housekeeper"; "servile tasks such as floor scrubbing and barn work"
adj. relating to or involving slaves or appropriate for slaves or servants; "Brown's attempt at servile insurrection"; "the servile wars of Sicily"; "servile work"

Fuzzynyms (5)

grovelling, wormy, wormlike, groveling, cringing
adj. totally submissive

Synonyms (6)

in bondage, bond, enslaved, enthralled
adj. held in slavery; "born of enslaved parents"
adj. allowing slavery; "the slaveholding South"
adj. held in servitude; "he was born of slave parents"

Antonyms (2)

unsubmissive, unservile
adj. not servile or submissive


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