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Adjectives (3)

adj. intended or able to serve a purpose without elaboration; "serviceable low-heeled shoes";
adj. ready for service or able to give long service; "serviceable equipment"; "heavy serviceable fabrics"
adj. capable of being put to good use; "a serviceable kitchen gadget"

Fuzzynyms (18)

good, beneficial
adj. promoting or enhancing well-being; "an arms limitation agreement beneficial to all countries"; "the beneficial effects of a temperate climate"; "the experience was good for her"
adj. obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service; "kept a fire extinguisher available"; "much information is available through computers"; "available in many colors"; "the list of available candidates is unusually long"
adj. close at hand; "the nearby towns"; "concentrated his study on the nearby planet Venus"
adj. suited to your comfort or purpose or needs; "a convenient excuse for not going"
adj. appropriate for achieving a particular end; implies a lack of concern for fairness
lasting, permanent
adj. continuing or enduring without marked change in status or condition or place; "permanent secretary to the president"; "permanent address"; "literature of permanent value"
usable, functional, operational, operable, useable
adj. fit or ready for use or service; "the toaster was still functional even after being dropped"; "the lawnmower is a bit rusty but still usable"; "an operational aircraft"; "the dishwasher is now in working order"
sturdy, substantial, solid
adj. of good quality and condition; solidly built; "a solid foundation"; "several substantial timber buildings"
toughened, tough
adj. physically toughened; "the tough bottoms of his feet"

Synonyms (21)

applicatory, applicative
adj. readily applicable or practical
adj. concerned with concrete problems or data rather than with fundamental principles; "applied physics"; "applied psychology"; "technical problems in medicine, engineering, economics and other applied disciplines"- Sidney Hook
adj. designed for or adapted to a function or use; "functional education selects knowledge that is concrete and usable rather than abstract and theoretical"; "functional architecture"
matter-of-fact, pragmatical, pragmatic
adj. concerned with practical matters; "a matter-of-fact (or pragmatic) approach to the problem"; "a matter-of-fact account of the trip"
practicable, operable
adj. usable for a specific purpose; "an operable plan"; "a practicable solution"
adj. dealing only with concrete facts
adj. being of use or service; "the girl felt motherly and useful"; "a useful job"; "a useful member of society"
adj. serving to permit or facilitate further work or activity; "discussed the working draft of a peace treaty"; "they need working agreements with their neighbor states on interstate projects"
adj. of service or assistance; "a child who is helpful around the house can save the mother many steps"
adj. having multiple uses; "a multipurpose tool"
reclaimable, reusable, recyclable
adj. capable of being used again
usable, useable
adj. capable of being put to use; "usable byproducts"
adj. having utility often to the exclusion of values; "plain utilitarian kitchenware"
adj. capable of being put to a profitable or practical use

Antonyms (1)

adj. not ready for service; "unserviceable equipment may be replaced"


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