Nouns (2)

resiliency, resilience
n. an occurrence of rebounding or springing back

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Fuzzynyms (11)

n. the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances
flexibleness, flexibility
n. the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
pliantness, suppleness, pliancy
n. the property of being pliant and flexible
n. the condition of financial success; "the strength of the company's stock in recent weeks"
n. the part of a network that connects other networks together; "the backbone is the part of a communication network that carries the heaviest traffic"
staying power, toughness, stamina
n. enduring strength and energy

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Science and technology


  • Ecological resilience, the capacity of an ecosystem to recover from perturbations
    • Climate resilience, the ability of systems to recover from climate change
    • Soil resilience, the ability of a soil to maintain a healthy state in response to destabilizing influences

Social sciences

  • Resilience (organizational), the ability of a system to withstand changes in its environment and still function
  • Psychological resilience, an individual's ability to adapt in the face of adverse conditions

Technology and engineering

  • Resilience (materials science), the ability of a material to absorb energy when deformed, and release that energy upon unloading
  • Resilience (engineering and construction), the ability of buildings and infrastructure to absorb assaults without suffering complete failure
  • Resilience (network), the ability of a computer network to maintain service in the face of faults
  • Cyber Resilience, in information security
  • Energy development § Resilience, a concept in energy development


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