Nouns (0)

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Verbs (7)

take to be, look on, look upon, regard as, think of, esteem, repute
v. look on as or consider; "she looked on this affair as a joke"; "He thinks of himself as a brilliant musician"; "He is reputed to be intelligent"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (11)

pass judgment, judge, evaluate
v. form a critical opinion of; "I cannot judge some works of modern art"; "How do you evaluate this grant proposal?" "We shouldn't pass judgment on other people"
v. judge to be right or commendable; think well of
v. consider or hold as true; "I cannot accept the dogma of this church"; "accept an argument"
v. express approval of; "The parents praised their children for their academic performance"
abide by, observe, honour, honor, respect
v. show respect towards; "honor your parents!"

Synonyms (2)

read, take
v. interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression; "I read this address as a satire"; "How should I take this message?"; "You can't take credit for this!"

Antonyms (4)

execrate, abominate, loathe, abhor
v. find repugnant; "I loathe that man"; "She abhors cats"


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