Nouns (10)

Virginia reel, reel
n. an American country dance which starts with the couples facing each other in two lines
Scottish reel, reel
n. a lively dance of Scottish Highlanders; marked by circular moves and gliding steps
n. winder consisting of a revolving spool with a handle; attached to a fishing rod
reel, spool, bobbin
n. a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound
n. a roll of photographic film holding a series of frames to be projected by a movie projector
n. music composed for dancing a reel

Verbs (12)

v. wind onto or off a reel
careen, swag, lurch, keel, reel, stagger
v. walk as if unable to control one's movements; "The drunken man staggered into the room"
spin around, gyrate, reel, whirl, spin
v. revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (57)

n. a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)
v. hit in the direction that the player is facing when carrying through the swing; "pull the ball"
v. move, rock, or sway from side to side; "The ship rolled on the heavy seas"
wamble, waggle
v. move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion
totter, seesaw, teeter
v. move unsteadily, with a rocking motion
wander, meander, thread, wind, weave
v. to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course; "the river winds through the hills"; "the path meanders through the vineyards"; "sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body"
tilt, shift, wobble, careen
v. move sideways or in an unsteady way; "The ship careened out of control"
v. move easily; "slip into something comfortable"
turn turtle, turtle, capsize
v. overturn accidentally; "Don't rock the boat or it will capsize!"
trip, stumble
v. miss a step and fall or nearly fall; "She stumbled over the tree root"
v. stumble and nearly fall; "the horses foundered"
waver, falter
v. move hesitatingly, as if about to give way
tump over, bowl over, knock over, turn over, tip over, upset, overturn
v. cause to overturn from an upright or normal position; "The cat knocked over the flower vase"; "the clumsy customer turned over the vase"; "he tumped over his beer"
start, jump, startle
v. move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm; "She startled when I walked into the room"
v. be dizzy or giddy; "my brain is swimming after the bottle of champagne"
v. move in a specified direction; "The line of men fall forward"
swivel, pivot
v. turn on a pivot
twirl, spin, birl, whirl
v. cause to spin; "spin a coin"
v. do a pirouette, usually as part of a dance
whirl, twiddle, swirl, twirl
v. turn in a twisting or spinning motion; "The leaves swirled in the autumn wind"
v. operate when rowing a boat; "pull the oars"
v. move or go steadily or gradually; "The ship drew near the shore"
v. move around an axis or a center; "The wheels are turning"
v. move slowly and unsteadily; "The truck lurched down the road"
kibosh, block, halt, stop
v. stop from happening or developing; "Block his election"; "Halt the process"

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