Nouns (0)

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Verbs (7)

redo, reconstruct, remodel
v. do over, as of (part of) a house; "We are remodeling these rooms"
make over, redo, refashion, remake
v. make new; "She is remaking her image"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (21)

freshen up, renovate, refurbish
v. make brighter and prettier; "we refurbished the guest wing"; "My wife wants us to renovate"
v. to patch up or renovate; repair or restore; "They revamped their old house before selling it"
restitute, renovate
v. restore to a previous or better condition; "They renovated the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel"
v. bring into an improved condition; "He reconditioned the old appliances"
v. make younger or more youthful; "The contact with his grandchildren rejuvenated him"
resort, repair
v. move, travel, or proceed toward some place; "He repaired to his cabin in the woods"
patch, piece
v. repair by adding pieces; "She pieced the china cup"
modernise, modernize, overhaul
v. make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to; "You should overhaul your car engine"; "overhaul the health care system"
patch up, patch
v. mend by putting a patch on; "patch a hole"
v. design anew, make a new design for
v. contour economically or efficiently
reconstruct, restore
v. return to its original or usable and functioning condition; "restore the forest to its original pristine condition"

Synonyms (2)

create, make
v. make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one's office"; "create a furor"

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