Nouns (0)

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Verbs (6)

pipe down, quiet down, quiesce, quieten, quiet, hush
v. become quiet or quieter; "The audience fell silent when the speaker entered"

Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (0)

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Fuzzynyms (45)

assuage, palliate, alleviate, relieve
v. provide physical relief, as from pain; "This pill will relieve your headaches"
v. make less rigid or softer
v. restrain or discourage; "the sudden bad news damped the joyous atmosphere"
becalm, calm, steady
v. make steady; "steady yourself"
quench, quell, squelch
v. suppress or crush completely; "squelch any sign of dissent"; "quench a rebellion"
repress, muffle, strangle, stifle, smother
v. conceal or hide; "smother a yawn"; "muffle one's anger"; "strangle a yawn"
cool it, settle down, simmer down, chill out, cool off, calm down, calm
v. become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation; "After the fight both men need to cool off."; "It took a while after the baby was born for things to settle down again."
quieten, tranquillize, calm down, tranquillise, still, lull, tranquilize, quiet, calm
v. make calm or still; "quiet the dragons of worry and fear"
v. fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location); "The U.N. troops are working to pacify Bosnia"
solace, console, soothe, comfort
v. give moral or emotional strength to
v. make motionless
tone down, dampen, damp, dull, mute, muffle
v. deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping

Synonyms (0)

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Antonyms (1)

v. become louder; "The room loudened considerably"


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