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Adjectives (2)

prohibitory, prohibitive
adj. tending to discourage (especially of prices); "the price was prohibitive"

Fuzzynyms (1)

adj. (of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports

Synonyms (14)

obstructive, impeding, hindering, clogging
adj. preventing movement; "the clogging crowds of revelers overflowing into the street"
adj. tending to deter; "the deterrent effects of high prices"
frustrative, thwarting, frustrating
adj. preventing realization or attainment of a desire
precautional, precautionary
adj. taken in advance to protect against possible danger or failure; "gave precautionary advice"; "I would take precautionary steps to keep him away"
preclusive, obviating
adj. made impossible
pre-emptive, preemptive
adj. designed or having the power to deter or prevent an anticipated situation or occurrence; "a preemptive business offer"

Antonyms (1)

adj. not preventive


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