Nouns (17)

situation, place, billet, spot, office, berth, post, position
n. a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
military post, post
n. military installation at which a body of troops is stationed; "this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby"; "there is an officer's club on the post"
n. the delivery and collection of letters and packages; "it came by the first post"; "if you hurry you'll catch the post"
post, mail
n. any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered; "your mail is on the table"; "is there any post for me?"; "she was opening her post"
stake, post
n. a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track); "a pair of posts marked the goal"; "the corner of the lot was indicated by a stake"
station, post
n. the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand; "a soldier manned the entrance post"; "a sentry station"

Verbs (15)

v. publicize with, or as if with, a poster; "I'll post the news on the bulletin board"
v. ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait
brand, post
v. mark or expose as infamous; "She was branded a loose woman"
place, send, post, station
v. assign to a station
put up, post
v. place so as to be noticed; "post a sign"; "post a warning at the dump"
post, stake
v. mark with a stake; "stake out the path"
v. affix in a public place or for public notice; "post a warning"
v. assign to a post; put into a post; "The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu"
v. enter on a public list

Adverbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adjectives (1)

adj. (prefix) coming after: "postmillennial"; "postgraduate"

Fuzzynyms (100)

n. an occupation requiring special education (especially in the liberal arts or sciences)
n. an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor)
missionary work, mission
n. the organized work of a religious missionary
n. the trade of a funeral director
n. the act of positing; an assumption taken as a postulate or axiom
n. lodging for military personnel (especially in a private home)
bivouac, cantonment, encampment, camp
n. temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers; "wherever he went in the camp the men were grumbling"
n. a distinguishing or individuating characteristic; "he knows my bad points as well as my good points"
n. communication by the exchange of letters
n. communication by the exchange of letters
situation, site
n. physical position in relation to the surroundings; "the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides"
topographic point, spot, place
n. a point located with respect to surface features of some region; "this is a nice place for a picnic"; "a bright spot on a planet"
v. move or establish in a new location; "We had to relocate the office because the rent was too high"
v. fill with people; "Stalin wanted to people the empty steppes"
v. give an artificially banal or sexual quality to
v. act as an informer; "She had informed on her own parents for years"
v. act as an informer; "She had informed on her own parents for years"
apprize, send word, give notice, apprise, notify, advise
v. inform (somebody) of something; "I advised him that the rent was due"
apprize, send word, give notice, apprise, notify, advise
v. inform (somebody) of something; "I advised him that the rent was due"
undertake, contract
v. enter into a contractual arrangement
present, deliver
v. deliver (a speech, oration, or idea); "The commencement speaker presented a forceful speech that impressed the students"
present, deliver
v. deliver (a speech, oration, or idea); "The commencement speaker presented a forceful speech that impressed the students"
v. provide with workers; "We cannot man all the desks"; "Students were manning the booths"
utilise, employ, apply, utilize, use
v. put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose; "use your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I can't use this tool"; "Apply a magnetic field here"; "This thinking was applied to many projects"; "How do you utilize this tool?"; "I apply this rule to get good results"; "use the plastic bags to store the food"; "He doesn't know how to use a computer"
hang up
v. put a telephone receiver back in its cradle
stick on, affix
v. attach to; "affix the seal here"
infix, introduce, enter, insert
v. put or introduce into something; "insert a picture into the text"
v. sow by scattering; "scatter seeds"
v. put into a position that will restore a normal state; "set a broken bone"
set up, put in, instal, install
v. set up for use; "install the washer and dryer"; "We put in a new sink"
deposit, posit, fix, situate
v. put (something somewhere) firmly; "She posited her hand on his shoulder"; "deposit the suitcase on the bench"; "fix your eyes on this spot"
v. begin a trip at a certain point, as of a plane, train, bus, etc.; "The flight originates in Calcutta"
v. found or ground; "build a defense on nothing but the accused person's reputation"
start, jump, startle
v. move or jump suddenly, as if in surprise or alarm; "She startled when I walked into the room"
send on, forward
v. send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit; "forward my mail"
enlist, engage
v. hire for work or assistance; "engage aid, help, services, or support"
locate, site, place
v. make an investment; "Put money into bonds"
domiciliate, put up, house
v. provide housing for; "The immigrants were housed in a new development outside the town"
lease, charter, hire, rent
v. hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services
v. put into commission; equip for service; of ships
deport, deliver, extradite
v. hand over to the authorities of another country; "They extradited the fugitive to his native country so he could be tried there"
v. be a lodger; stay temporarily; "Where are you lodging in Paris?"
canton, billet, quarter
v. provide housing for (military personnel)
camp out, tent, bivouac, encamp, camp
v. live in or as if in a tent; "Can we go camping again this summer?"; "The circus tented near the town"; "The houseguests had to camp in the living room"
v. inhabit a nest, usually after building; "birds are nesting outside my window every Spring"
locate, situate
v. determine or indicate the place, site, or limits of, as if by an instrument or by a survey; "Our sense of sight enables us to locate objects in space"; "Locate the boundaries of the property"

Synonyms (16)

lay, position, pose, place, set, put
v. put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
après-ski, apres-ski
adj. concerned with designed for use after skiing: "apres-ski wear"
back-to-back, consecutive
adj. one after the other; "back-to-back home runs"
adj. following immediately and as a result of what went before; "ensuing events confirmed the prediction"
following, undermentioned
adj. about to be mentioned or specified; "the following items"
next, following
adj. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"
adj. after death or after an event; "a postmortem examination to determine the cause of death"; "the postmortem discussion of the President's TV address"

Antonyms (1)

v. cause to change ownership; "I transferred my stock holdings to my children"


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