Nouns (2)

plus, asset
n. a useful or valuable quality

Verbs (0)

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Adverbs (0)

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Adjectives (3)

positive, plus
adj. involving advantage or good; "a plus (or positive) factor"
adj. on the positive side or higher end of a scale; "a plus value"; "temperature of plus 5 degrees"; "a grade of C plus"

Fuzzynyms (28)

n. the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable; "the Shakespearean Shylock is of dubious value in the modern world"
virtue, merit
n. any admirable quality or attribute; "work of great merit"
welfare, benefit
n. something that aids or promotes well-being; "for the benefit of all"
help, assistance, aid
n. a resource; "visual aids in teaching"
strength, persuasiveness
n. the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty; "the strength of his argument settled the matter"
boon, blessing
n. a desirable state; "enjoy the blessings of peace"; "a spanking breeze is a boon to sailors"
certain, sure
adj. having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured; "felt certain of success"; "was sure (or certain) she had seen it"; "was very sure in his beliefs"; "sure of her friends"
positive, irrefutable, incontrovertible
adj. impossible to deny or disprove; "incontrovertible proof of the defendant's innocence"; "proof positive"; "an irrefutable argument"
praising, praiseful, laudatory
adj. full of or giving praise; "a laudatory remark"
adj. showing or representing to advantage; "a flattering color"
favourable, favorable
adj. encouraging or approving or pleasing; "a favorable reply"; "he received a favorable rating"; "listened with a favorable ear"; "made a favorable impression"
adj. greater than zero; "positive numbers"
adj. characterized by certainty or security; "a tiny but assured income"; "we can never have completely assured lives"
unregenerate, obstinate, stubborn
adj. tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

Synonyms (17)

peachy-coloured, peachy-colored, peachy
adj. of something resembling a peach in color
good enough
adj. adequately good for the circumstances; "if it's good enough for you it's good enough for me"
adj. moderately good of its kind; "a goodish wine"
adj. compensating for some fault or defect; "the redeeming feature of the plan is its simplicity"; "his saving grace was his sense of humor"
acceptable, satisfactory
adj. meeting requirements; "the step makes a satisfactory seat"
adj. worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse; "the parents found the girl suitable for their son"
well behaved, well-behaved
adj. (usually of children) someone who behaves in a manner that the speaker believes is correct; "a well-behaved child"
optimistic, affirmative
adj. expecting the best; "an affirmative outlook"
confirming, positive
adj. indicating existence or presence of a suspected condition or pathogen; "a positive pregnancy test"
adj. having or showing great excitement and interest; "enthusiastic crowds filled the streets"; "an enthusiastic response"; "was enthusiastic about taking ballet lessons"
adj. precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication; "explicit instructions"; "she made her wishes explicit"; "explicit sexual scenes"

Antonyms (3)

n. the quality of being something that holds you back
negative, minus
adj. involving disadvantage or harm; "minus (or negative) factors"


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