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Verbs (1)

v. remove and replace; "The word processor has ousted the typewriter"

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Fuzzynyms (50)

release, eject, expel, discharge, exhaust
v. eliminate (a substance); "combustion products are exhausted in the engine"; "the plant releases a gas"
v. kill one in every ten, as of mutineers in Roman armies
wipe out, erase
v. remove from memory or existence; "The Turks erased the Armenians in 1915"
kill off, exterminate
v. kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many; "Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals of Europe"
force out, evict
v. expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process; "The landlord evicted the tenants after they had not paid the rent for four months"
turn out, boot out, turf out, chuck out, exclude, eject
v. put out or expel from a place; "The unruly student was excluded from the game"
bump, dislodge
v. remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied; "The new employee dislodged her by moving into her office space"
go after, give chase, chase after, track, dog, tag, tail, trail, chase
v. go after with the intent to catch; "The policeman chased the mugger down the alley"; "the dog chased the rabbit"
transfer, remove
v. shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes; "He removed his children to the countryside"; "Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city"; "remove a case to another court"
v. take the place of; "gloom had usurped mirth at the party after the news of the terrorist act broke"
v. remove a monarch from the throne; "If the King does not abdicate, he will have to be dethroned"
bring down, overturn, subvert, overthrow
v. cause the downfall of; of rulers; "The Czar was overthrown"; "subvert the ruling class"
move out, take out, remove
v. cause to leave; "The teacher took the children out of the classroom"
get rid of, abolish
v. do away with; "Slavery was abolished in the mid-19th century in America and in Russia"
debar, suspend
v. bar temporarily; from school, office, etc.
bar, relegate, banish
v. expel, as if by official decree; "he was banished from his own country"
v. drive away; "banish bad thoughts"; "banish gloom"
ban, banish
v. ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

Synonyms (2)

v. strike with the foot; "The boy kicked the dog"; "Kick the door down"
v. kick; give a boot to

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