Nouns (4)

n. personal computer hardware company
next key, next button, next
n. a button in a web browser or web page that takes you to the next page or section when pressed

Verbs (0)

There are no items for this category

Adverbs (1)

adv. at the time or occasion immediately following; "next the doctor examined his back"

Adjectives (3)

succeeding, future, next
adj. (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving; "our next president"

Fuzzynyms (4)

next, following
adj. immediately following in time or order; "the following day"; "next in line"; "the next president"; "the next item on the list"
adj. placed side by side often for comparison; "juxtaposed pictures"
future day
adj. yet to come; "a future-day Gibbon of Macaulay"

Synonyms (10)

inward, inbound
adj. directed or moving inward or toward a center; "the inbound train"; "inward flood of capital"
ingoing, entering
adj. "incoming class"; "the ingoing administration"; "ingoing data"
adj. appointed but not yet installed in office
adj. elected but not yet installed in office; "the president elect"
adj. directed or bound inward; "took the in bus"; "the in basket"
influent, inflowing
adj. flowing inward
adj. pouring inward; "inpouring throngs of immigrants"

Antonyms (1)

adj. earlier than the present time; no longer current; "time past"; "his youth is past"; "this past Thursday"; "the past year"


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