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Adjectives (8)

conveyable, transferrable, transferable, negotiable, assignable
adj. legally transferable to the ownership of another; "negotiable bonds"
on the table, negotiable
adj. able to be negotiated or arranged by compromise; "negotiable demands"; "the proposal is still on the table"
adj. capable of being passed or negotiated; "a negotiable road"

Fuzzynyms (6)

transportable, transferrable, transferable, moveable, movable
adj. capable of being moved or conveyed from one place to another
adj. easily or conveniently transported; "a portable television set"

Synonyms (6)

adj. that can be appropriated; "appropriable funds"
supple, limber
adj. (used of e.g. personality traits) readily adaptable; "a supple mind"; "a limber imagination"
adj. used of persons: having many skills
widely spaced
adj. "open ranks"
adj. gaping open as if threatening to engulf someone or something; "the yawning mine shaft"; "a yawning abyss"

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